4 colors and 1 way to find your PERFECT diamond.

by J. Christopher Guritz

I was on vacation in the last month so I am going to pick it up – in hopes to be ahead of the holiday season.

First in the news.

Swallowing Diamonds

Strange things happening here in the US and around the world. Both in jewelry stores and trade shows. Thieves are pulling an old time trick out their dark hearts – that is the strange act of swallowing diamonds and jewelry in an effort to steal them.

As I have stated in tweets, posts and shows, Jewelers and Consumers need to be engaged and aware – whether your  sales staff is showing diamonds and jewelry to the soon to be engaged or you’re a consumer who has contractors in your home – always be mindful of your valuables.

3 Reminders for Jewelers

  1. Set a maximum limit for items being shown
  2. Never loose sight of the items being shown

    • Don’t turn your back
    • Don’t be distracted by phone or loud sounds
  3. Create a plan of action – Holiday season is coming up fast – have meetings and discuss actions to take if  your staff thinks that someone is trying to distract them. Roll play on how to assist a client, give great customer service , maintaining both safety and security awareness.

3 Reminders for Consumers

  1. Put away valuables when you are away for extended amounts of time

    • Use a secured home safe
    • Use a safety deposit box – remember the 80/20 rule, 80% percent of the time you wear the same 20% or less jewelry items – lock up the other 80 to 99% for those special occasions.
  2. Get referrals for contractors – Hey this is 2012 and I know craigslist is used by licensed contractors and the unlicensed. Be smart not cheap when allowing someone in your home for repair. My wife and I home-school our children – we are members of a home-school group and try to always hire contractors referred from this group. Network with church members, friends/co-workers or get verified referrals. Another option is to pay a referral service like Angie’s List (this is not an affiliate link and I’ve never used them)
  3. Stay aware – keep alert , do not allow someone to enter areas in your home off limits. Question everything and stay in control. This is your home and whether entertaining friends (new or old) or repair work needing outside contractors – protect your domain and valuables.


Both jewelers and consumers should always maintain appropriate insurance.


Its Big and Beautiful – but size is its most important asset. (outside link)


Russia’s largest diamond miner Alrosa discovered a unique diamond weighing 158.2 carats and worth over $1.5 million, the company said on Tuesday.

The diamond was found in September at diamond-mining factory No. 16 of the Nyurbinsk ore mining and processing enterprise in the Republic of Yakutia in Russia’s north-east.

via Alrosa Finds 158 Carat Diamond Worth $1.5 Mln | Business | RIA Novosti.


Diamond sales at retail still at a low –

It is still a good time to buy. Prices are flat and holding. If you are looking for an engagement ring diamond now may be the time. Diamonds where margins hold strong are in the 1ct GH/SI ranges – though less pct than some of the rarer color and clarities – the 1ct GH/SI ranges tend to discount for less because of demand.



AGA ASET Example

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