3 Unbelievable Ways to Simplify Your Diamond Purchase – Beauty, Purity, and Size

by J. Christopher Guritz

Hello Everyone,

This podcast in particular is something that I have been teaching to individuals
for years. It has been great fun working on this for you to enjoy!

Don’t worry it is not complex and in reality, is a very simple way to help
you make an informed decision when buying that special diamond!
Diamond buying should be about what is important to you and your bride to be.
When you learn how to prioritize the grading scale, BPS©, Beauty,Purity, and Size
guidelines you will achieve a high degree of fun & knowledge!

Below are my work notes on this podcast. I hope you enjoy it!

  1. BPS©
    1. WHY BPS©
      1. My Experience
        1. Education
        2. Sales Literature
        3. Development of Scale
      1. Effective prioritization of what is important – or your goal – how
        you may feel whether or not something is important
    1. HOW TO USE BPS©
      1. Separation of rarity characteristics into three letter categories.
    1. BEAUTY
      1. CUT
        1. What the polisher/cutter did / always related to final weight and

          1. PERFORMANCE
            1. High Performance – More Beautiful
            2. Mid Performance – areas might look cloudy – overall
              stone may appear smaller but performs well
            3. Poor Performance – Looks Darker or Lifeless –
            4. We Will talk more about Performance as it relates to all other
    1. PURITY
      1. COLOR
        1. Linear or Pyramid Scale
          1. High Performance Stone
            1. Can Appear Brighter
            2. Therefore may look face up perceivably whiter
          2. Low Performance
            1. Can Appear Darker
            2. Therefore may look face up perceivably yellower or browner
      1. CLARITY
        1. Linear or Pyramid Scale
          1. High Performance
            1. May obscure both white and dark inclusions
          2. Low Performance
            1. May contrast or window inclusions for ease of viewing
    1. SIZE
      1. PHYSICAL WIDTH and Depth
        1. Well Proportioned
          1. High Performance
            1. Looks Bigger
            2. Looks More Beautiful
        1. Poorly Proportioned
          1. Looks Smaller
            1. Maybe Darker – Steely or Flat
            2. Maybe Lifeless – May look flat and cloudy like in appearance
          2. Looks Wider
            1. Maybe Lifeless – May Also Look Flat and Kind of Cloud Like
              in areas
        1. What it weighs on Scale
        2. Affects Price in Conjunction with Proportions

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