B,P,S! Its an easy way to simplify your purchase! Diamond Answer Man – Episode 19

by J. Christopher Guritz

Beauty, Purity and Size! Diamond Answer Man Episode 19

Just a quick note I am still working on the video showing the diamond performance tool comparison for those techno-geeks out there and  I know I said it last week but I really truly am just about finished.

So if you’re out there looking in to buy a  diamond going from jewelry store to jewelry store and maybe getting on the Internet searching and filling your brain with all that wonderful and I say wonderful .. However, your brain is mush if you spent more than a half an hour looking and reading about diamonds on the Internet for an engagement ring and it’s driving you crazy! Sure you don’t make a wrong decision because a  wrong decision can cost you lots of money and the other thing you could do is buy something that does not perform well. Listen to Diamond Answer Man Episode 19 and find out about Beauty, Purity and Size to simplify your purchase.

This is an extension to the show in 2012, where we talked about the entire goal for BPS is to simplify your diamond purchase! If you would like to listen to that earlier podcast it is linked here! You can also find it on iTunes, Blackberry, Zune and Stitcher Radio.  If you have anything that plays an MP3 I am just about everywhere you look to download.

If you are looking at buying and want some individual protection you might take a look at the free PDF Affidavit of Diamond Buying Agreement

I talked with a branded cutter here in the U.S. who has stopped outside polishing of the diamonds they produce. They found it is too hard to control the quality of production where price is the selling point for polishing job export.

Also the big question!

Plan and prepare for your diamond purchase.

  1. Set aside your funds
  2. Give yourself a time frame (write things down)
    1. Make a decision on diamond
      1. Get all your questions in order
    2. Make a decision on ring
      1. Pay Attention
    3. Make a decision on asking for hand
      1. Start thinking now!

And I may re-record Episode 3 and re-release it – oh how I hate the recording quality!!
J. Christopher

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