Diamond Answer Man Episode 10 – My diamond is broken?

by J. Christopher Guritz

My diamond is broken?

In this series we find out what to do when your diamond gets damaged.

First you need to find out if it is merely chipped or is it indeed broken?

If you look at the  side profile of a diamond from the flat top to the point at the bottom you see about 3/4’s of the way down there is a horizontal line in your diamond. This is not a break or damage to your diamond,this is the reflection of the table (flat top) in the pavilion (bottom portion) of the diamond.

After your initial assessment if you believe you have an issue, immediately visit with your jeweler.
You should have them inspect the diamond under the microscope and then if possible clean the diamond. Once cleaned make sure they reinspect the diamond and ring under a microscope. Many times you do not have a problem at all. What you thought was a chip or break is just dirt or lotion, basically all the things that come in contact with our hands gets on the ring. This gunk is what inhibits the brilliance, brightness, fire and scintillation in your diamond, so try to clean regularly. If you don’t have cleaner I suggest Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner.

What to do when you have assessed that there is indeed damage…

Contact your insurance agent!

Find out about repair coverage or replacement coverage – In the event you receive a replacement diamond or a cash pay-out, make sure you inquire as to who keeps the broken or chipped diamond.

Besides using the company that supplies your home owner or renters insurance, the company, I recommend you take a look at is Jewelers Mutual visit them at Perfect Circle Insurance.


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