I know it is hard to see the differences in the diamonds and you just want to protect yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an agreement that what you were buying  is what it is?

Well now you do! (download today) GET IT FOR FREE TODAY!

When I was working in retail I had a form that I used for customers that made strong statements about my conviction Affidavit of Diamond Grade And Statement of Buyers Rights and willingness to earn you and keep you as a client. Now when you’re  presented with a diamond from a retailer,  buy in confidence and have a return agreement built in – regardless of the stores standard return policy. Present this document to the store before you buy – Its free just click the image to the right or any download link and a pdf will open.




Sign up and use this form in your store! It’s free and it will make a strong case for your customer to shop with you! No, it wont increase your  sales 10 fold. Only operating a highly ethical, moral,  trustworthy business, staffed with the greatest people you can find, offering mind blowing service and an unparalleled product mix can do that!

Alright I’ve bantered enough the form is called “Affidavit of Diamond Grade And Statement of Buyers Rights” If you are wanting a custom version of the document without the bottom text – contact me at 803-792-1326 and we can discuss options.

OH! and please read my legal disclaimer!


  1. I am giving this away for free! In fact this is an update of what I started using many years ago (except I gave it out at the counter) , it’s also not my original idea. If recall it was in a National Jeweler article in the 80’s, I would give the jeweler credit if I knew who they were. (If you know who this person is – call me and let me know) To make this a little more usable for everyone, I paid an attorney on, local to me, to update it and make it generic. I’ve modified it further still.
  2. Trust me, if you do use it you will scare the pants off a bad jeweler and they just might act like you’re a little crazy!  However, a GOOD Jeweler will jump at the chance to show you they are REPUTABLE.
  3. Jewelers USE this form and make a strong positive statement to your customers – Its free – even if you never have to use it – just because you’re willing to will make a strong case for earning your next customer. I can also create a custom one with your logo! Call me with any questions.
  4. I, J. Christopher Guritz am not a lawyer and the Diamond Answer Man show is not a law show or firm. So if you want a contract or something drawn up professionally, get a referral for a local attorney. This document may or
    may not be binding – even if signed by the principal, manager or sales person, laws do vary by location. However, if you get in a jam this signed document could be brought to a really smart attorney who for a little coin…
    might be able to help you out. Oh yeah and make sure the jeweler puts a full description including all the rarity characteristics, Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight with any documents or identifying characteristics… such
    as a laser inscription on the receipt too.  If you got into a bad situation I would imagine your attorney would like that also.
  5.  I must say that if you really feel you need to use this form with a jeweler or vendor – you probably shouldn’t do business with them anyway and that steal of a deal is really a rip-off and you’re really a dope. A great jewelry store will provide you with a great return policy and bend over backwards to take care of you! If they don’t …then give your money to someone who deserves it!


This being said, there are thousands of GREAT stores to buy from! I know this because I’ve met the owners, buyers, and sales people personally when I was a road dog (sales rep days), a sales trainer, or at trade shows around the country. I can think of hundreds of great jewelry store owners and store managers who are on the up and up and I know you have at least one in your town. These STAR individuals live, eat, and sleep the business and would never do anything to ruin their reputation – EVER. These special people would smile signing this form because they know – no matter what – they
want you as a client for life and will do anything to keep you FOREVER!

P.S. If you would like other verbiage added to the document or think you can do it better.. Let me know and Ill post it!

NOTES —————————————————————————————————————————————–

First Version 04/12/2012

UPDATED 06/12/2012 JCG

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