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Diamond information

for those looking for the best purchasing value. Listen in – or send me an email and I will help you directly. Information covering best ways to purchase, performance (beauty), color, clarity, carat weight and certificates.

A diamonds value is dictated by the rarity of four characteristics, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight also known as the 4c’s. These four characteristics can be further simplified into the system I termed BPS©. BPS© simply stands for Beauty, Purity, Size.

When you prioritize your diamond search by the BPS© scale your diamond search will be more simple and fun! Decide upon what’s important and mix and match your 4c’s to end up with your perfect diamond. *Note: though a diamonds value may increase or decrease because of rarity, most rarity factors do not affect beauty as seen by the naked eye.

The rarity factor of “Diamond Cut” is the most important characteristic influencing the beauty of a diamond and therfore falls cleanly into the “B” category for Beauty in the BPS© sytem. The better the cut the more rare and beautiful your diamond will be.

The rarity factor of “Diamond Color” definitely affects price, but does nothing to alter beauty as related to sparkle or brilliance. However you may find that your personal preference may lean one direction or another. Therefore color is personal and is filed into the “P” category for Purity in the BPS© system.

The rarity factor of “Diamond Clarity” can dramatically affect the beauty of the diamond in the very low grades and in other parts of the scale may or may not be visible to the unaided eye. In the lower middle to highest parts of the scale – there is no visible difference unless magnified and therefore may only affect beauty in the largest of stones. Therfore clarity is a personal choice for the majority of the scale and is filed into the “P” for Purity in the BPS© system.

The size of your diamond is characterized by two features. The more obvious of the two is its “Weight”. This is how much your diamond weighs on a scale. The less obvious feature is the influence that beauty has on the appearance of a diamonds size. The more beautiful and well made a diamond is the larger it will be percieved to be. Carat Weight is filed in the “S” category for Size in the BPS system

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