To cert or not to cert that is the question? Diamond Answer Man – Episode 18

by J. Christopher Guritz

  1. To Cert or Not To Cert
    1. Cost
    2. Rarity
    3. Guarantee
      1. Affidavit of Diamond Grade
  1. Blood diamonds – New Alerts and response by the industry.
    1. 1 is to many
    2. Illegal in U.S.
      1. Even Kimberly Approved diamonds can still be illegal in U.S.
      2. Kimberly is the starting point
      3. Affidavit of Diamond Grade


  1. Polished in the U.S.
    1. Started Networking
      1. I will start calling out people individuals and companies with polishing
        facilities operating in the United States.
    1. Forum is finished and is open to all. Just visit with us at the community.
  1. Started working on a video for comparing the three optical performance
    tools used in the selling and grading process. For the uber geek I have built
    models in a ray tracing program to show the difference between the three
    and will have this video out in the couple of weeks.


Follow up join the forum, if you are buying today.. use the affidavit of diamond
grade if the stone does not have a cert. Help promote polished in the U.S.
ask you jeweler for diamonds polished in America.

Well that’s all for this week.

If you have any questions call me – for free advice- 803-793-1326 and
one more way.. join the forum ask – or send it through twitter at damjcguritz.

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