Diamond Answer Man Episode 16 – So you want to be a jeweler!

by J. Christopher Guritz

Current News

This week we find that De Beers October sight sold about 750m. This is the largest sight in 2012. Sight-holder had deferred previous sights. DTC allowed them to defer up to 50% of the Intent To Offer period which ends March of 2013.

All this means is that hopefully the Sight-holders  also known as Suppliers of Choice (SOC) – Hopefully have sold their sitting goods and are ramping up to meet the near end of season or they are preparing for after this season. I think most of this season is locked up in deals already. The American jewelers both independents and chains are so locked into the memo portion of the business – I see some hopeful holiday trends – However, I feel sales overall will be flat. The season really doesn’t start rocking until the last 15 days before Christmas. My guess is chains will be over the top – pushing sales EARLY – Flyers will be earlier in the season and more often. Brick and Mortar stores holding on strong with bread and butter – Studs, Pendants, Diamond Bands ! I am hopeful – that when the election is over the buying sentiment will open up. Remember diamond jewelry is for memorializing special moment and the holiday season is one about family – past, present and future – how better to memorialize our feelings and moments for the year.

Also in the news an article by Rob Bates Senior Editor at JCK.

Talking about the Shaky Ground your labs producing Synthetic or Cultured diamonds – whatever term you may use.

When I was working for The Diamond Broker – I would over see the repolishing of diamonds and I worked with a few synthetic stones. When I worked at EightStar – My wife who was a polisher their – polished a few synthetics and HPHT stones – No matter how well these diamonds were polished and how beautiful they were – customers always were interested in WHITE or Colorless Diamonds.

When I worked as the diamond buyer – I worked with Gemesis diamonds – Though my focus was always on Natural – Mined stones – we always kept an open mind for preferences and interests a buyer may have had. The number one driving reason we sold very few Synthetics stones – was the simple fact – none or very few were white or colorless.

The Synthetic diamond manufactures did this to themselves – though. They are floundering in the retail market – because of the simple fact they PUSHED white diamonds even though they weren’t realistically available. Producers put pictures on their websites – when they received recognition in the press they showed pictures of various colors including white – even though what the readily had available was – yellows and browns. If you create demand for a specific product – you should be able to produce that product. The article which I will link to on my website is an easy read – and can be summarized by the fact that producing white diamonds is difficult and diamond labs have over promoted production and capabilities way to many times.


Come on become part of the industry!

So you want to join the industry – maybe you personally love jewelry, or have been curious about things behind the scenes. You will find many jewelers looking for part time seasonal help right now. Go out and visit with your preferred local jeweler and put in an application.


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
California Institute of Jewelry Training.
GIA Carlsbad and New York
Gemmological Association of Great Britain……FGA

There are many others you you may source with this link

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