Diamond Clarity – The Third “C”

by J. Christopher Guritz

Diamond Clarity is something that will definitely affect the beauty of the diamond in the three least rare grades. However, in the SI1/2 Category, inclusions can become visible starting around .85/.90 and up, though their degree of  visibility is dependent on type of inclusion and actual size of the diamond. How obvious you see it may depend on your eye -physical ability or how much you care -personal choice.  Enjoy this latest podcast on the 4 “C”s in relation to the BPS scale. Call me with any questions!

  1. Diamond ClarityWhy is Clarity Important
    1. What is clarity
      1. Clarity Is Purity
    2. How is it graded
      1. Eye
      2. Loupe
      3. Microscope
    3. When does it affect beauty
      1. Subjective
        1. Ability
        2. Preference
    4. What Clarity is Better
      1. Personal
      2. May be related to design
    5. Performance
      1. Impact
        1. Harder
        2. Easier
A 10 Power Loupe is used for basic diamond grading.

10 Power Diamond Grading Loupe









A jeweler should own at least on grading microscope

Diamond Grading Microscope


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