Diamond Color – The Second “C”

by J. Christopher Guritz

Hello! Everyone! I must admit that I went beyond my time of 20 minutes on this podcast. It is 38 minutes long. I had struggled with the second “C” Color, not technically but personally. I am so passionate about cut and How the First “C” affects everything that I even started the podcast by saying “CUT” when I meant “COLOR”. The first “C” affects so much of what we love about diamonds in every way, that it comes through in everything I speak about. So I hope you enjoy my show on the second “C” Color. If you have any questions please call my voicemail feedback hotline at 803-792-1326. I will look foward to hearing from you!

My Notes from the show.

  1. Why do we talk about diamond colorDiamonds Graded Table Down
    1. Color Is Purity (Rarity)
      1. What is color
      2. How is it graded
        1. Linear scale
        2. Pyramid Scale
          1. Coloreless
            1. DEF
          2. Near Colorless
            1. GHIJ
          3. Faint
            1. KLM
          4. Very Light
            1. NOPQR
          5. Light
            1. STUVWXYZ
          6. Fancies
            1. Fancy
            2. Fancy Intense
            3. Fancy Vivid
            4. Fancy Dark
            5. Fancy Deep
      3. Color Perception
        1. Subjective
          1. Human Ability
          2. Scientific Tools
        2. Subjective
          1. Laboratory
      4. What Color is Better
        1. Personal
        2. May be related to design
      5. Performance
        1. Impact
          1. Brighter
          2. Darker

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