Diamond Cut – The Most Important “C”

by J. Christopher Guritz

Do you want to buy a diamond?

You came to the right place! No, I am not here trying to sell you one. I am here
to enlighten you on what the most important characteristic of a diamond is. How this
most important “C” affects all other perceived rarity factors.

On a side note, please forgive my voice as I am suffering from allergies though I don’t think you can tell – At least hope!

If beauty “B” is your highest priority I know you’ll enjoy this show.

J. Christopher Guritz
Diamond Answer Man

Diamond Cut – The First “C”

The first “C” Cut on the GIA

  1. Why is Cut Important
    1. What is Cut
    1. Cut Is effect by rarity
      1. Diamond Shape
        1. Brilliant Cuts
        2. Round
        3. Princess
        4. Radiant
        5. Oval
        6. Pear
        7. Step Cuts
          1. Emerald
          2. Square
            1. Specialty Cuts
      2. Diamond Performance
        1. Performance = Beauty or Not
          1. High Performance Diamond
            1. Looks Bigger
            2. Looks Brighter
          2. Percieved to be a higher or more rare color
            1. H can look brighter than and D in face up.
            2. More Fire
            3. More Contrasts
            4. More Scintillation

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