Diamond Answer Man Episode 8 – Know when to walk out the door!

by J. Christopher Guritz

Know when to walk out the door!

Diamond Answer Man episode 8 is a show that I am releasing with this one goal, helping you recognize when not to buy or  honor someone with your business. I am talking about stores that do not operate with the total goal of delivering the level of WORLD CLASS experience or the mind blowing WOW kind of service. We are going to use  last weeks ABC News broadcast titled “Elderly Michigan Man Mistakenly Buys $25k Diamond Necklace” . This is a situation where I feel that the jeweler did not go the extra mile to serve the customer and in effect damaged his reputation and the Jewelry community at large. I want to remind everyone searching for engagement ring now or in the future – only do business with a person or company whose entire goal  should be to help you deliver a gift that will eternally memoralize your special moment (they are not just selling widgets). Whether it is an engagement, anniversary, birthday, graduation ,or whatever moment you put in there – always make sure they are your partner in making it happen.  Then always read the fine print.

5 Tips for not buying from someone.

Tip #1

  1. Never buy from a store that has an all sales final policy.
  2. Same as Tip 1
  3. Same as Tip 2
  4. Same as Tip 3
  5. Same as Tip 4

Get it! I hope so!

Any company or person that has an “ALL SALES FINAL” Policy on “NEW” Jewelry isnt really standing behind their business or you. This is not a “Win – Win” situation, it is an all “Win – Maybe Lose” Situation. Remember the gift you are thinking about buying is one that is special – it’s your moment and your memories. Don’t get involved in a situation where you might create bad moments and memories.

Think about it!

J. Christopher Guritz

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