Girls Best Friend or Foe! Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings – DAMS4E7

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Season 4 Episode 7

Girls Best Friend or Foe – synthetic diamonds.

Worth is relative to how much you can sell something for. A house for example can generally be purchased and then resold fairly soon, for approximately the same selling price, all conditions same. However, try selling a knock off of a brand or clone of any item and how much can you sell it for.

So what does this have to do with synthetics diamonds.


  • Synthetics
    • Pricing in 30 years what is your diamond worth
      • History
        • Shows that with time production efficiency increases and costs to produce decreases along with competitors entering into the market
        • Synthetic Emeralds
          • Have lost 80%
            • Average Retail Price for a Standard Gem Chatham 1ct RD is 370.00
        • Cubic Zirconium
          • 1970’s 40pct equivalent to  147.06 adjusted for inflation 2015 today Wholesale
          • Better Quality CZ at wholesale about 3.00 pct
            • 98% deduction
              • Though there are some branded CZ’s that sell for 100pct today.
        • Synthetic Diamonds
          • Started out about advertise  they were 30% less than Natural
            • IGI reports
              • Problem comparison
              • Pedigree Problems
                • discounts vs top tier labs
                  • 21% Discount
                • only 14% compared to IGI naturals
                • Not as big of a difference
              • Not using Top Tier Reports
                • All over the internet lab opinions
              • Ask for GIA
          • What will they be worth 10, 20 or 40 years from now.
            • Well I don’t know but my guess is that you will be able to buy a synthetic diamond for 100-150 dollars in the next several decades.

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J.  Christopher Guritz

  • Neil

    “Worth is relative to how much you can sell something for”

    No. No it’s not. That’s one definition, but it’s not even the most common. Nearly everything we buy is unsaleable. This is not just counterfeits. Clothing. Electronics. Food. Gasoline. Entertainment. You name it. Nearly everything BUT the example you gave of houses is unsaleable. This includes most jewelry. Just try and sell that 1/2 carat total weight tennis bracelet or those earrings you got at Sears.

  • Neil,
    I do respectfully disagree 🙂 Ebay, Craigslist, LetGo or for that matter garage sales would not exist if it were not for the resale market. Most fair and even low-quality jewelry will have some value even if you get paid for the gold – though it might be a heartache when compared to your new purchase price. Pawn shops coast to coast give out loans against jewelry. NONE of these examples would loan against a synthetic. Jewelers everywhere will buy pre-owned diamonds. We are not talking about the wide separation in price from new to used. We are talking about worth as in what you can get for something after you’ve owned it. A flawless synthetic diamond will return NIL, while a fair to medium quality will always sell to someone.

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