Girls Best Friend or Foe! Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings – DAMS4E7

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Season 4 Episode 7

Girls Best Friend or Foe – synthetic diamonds.

Worth is relative to how much you can sell something for. A house for example can generally be purchased and then resold fairly soon, for approximately the same selling price, all conditions same. However, try selling a knock off of a brand or clone of any item and how much can you sell it for.

So what does this have to do with synthetics diamonds.


  • Synthetics
    • Pricing in 30 years what is your diamond worth
      • History
        • Shows that with time production efficiency increases and costs to produce decreases along with competitors entering into the market
        • Synthetic Emeralds
          • Have lost 80%
            • Average Retail Price for a Standard Gem Chatham 1ct RD is 370.00
        • Cubic Zirconium
          • 1970’s 40pct equivalent to  147.06 adjusted for inflation 2015 today Wholesale
          • Better Quality CZ at wholesale about 3.00 pct
            • 98% deduction
              • Though there are some branded CZ’s that sell for 100pct today.
        • Synthetic Diamonds
          • Started out about advertise  they were 30% less than Natural
            • IGI reports
              • Problem comparison
              • Pedigree Problems
                • discounts vs top tier labs
                  • 21% Discount
                • only 14% compared to IGI naturals
                • Not as big of a difference
              • Not using Top Tier Reports
                • All over the internet lab opinions
              • Ask for GIA
          • What will they be worth 10, 20 or 40 years from now.
            • Well I don’t know but my guess is that you will be able to buy a synthetic diamond for 100-150 dollars in the next several decades.

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