Find the 8 Hearts and The 8 Arrows and discover the Beauty! at the end of your purchase!

by J. Christopher Guritz

The time to buy is still now? And why is that diamond blue!!


We have some great news for the people of Botswana. De Beers is moving its operations to Botswana ahead of schedule.  The Botswana government is excitedly running its own buying and selling organization Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) in direct competition with De Beers  Diamond Trading Center (DTC).  Though there has been some bumps in the road recently with the price of rough the Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association has strong members – pushing for local growth in the country and community where this local resource is mined and it is showing positive results.

De Beers will eventually move all of its sights to Botswana – showing in my opinion full support for the diamond community there. Botswana today is filled with great examples of positive and ethical business initiatives.

Though I am biased for a return of polishing to the U.S. – I am fully supportive of everything I know of happening in Botswana today. Jewelers support the companies that mine and polish there! They are an example to Zimbabwe and the rest of the WORLD!


Zimbabwe is part of the Kimberly Process but is not in my opinion an ethical choice for consumer diamonds today. If your a jeweler ask your dealer and if you consumer ask your jeweler or better yet download my free Affidavit of Diamond Grade And Statement of Buyers Rights.  There may be no possible way to make sure you dont receive a Zimbabwean diamond – However just by asking – you make a big statement!

Diamond Prices

Diamond prices are still holding soft on the polished side.  No changes in the major prices lists this week! Prices are still soft and jewelers are holding back. If your a consumer – listen Five Simple Angles to your best diamond deal! If your a jeweler ask for that extra percent or more on your memo purchase. What is the worst that can happen?? If your paying outright – you are crazy if you dont ask!


Hearts and Arrows Viewer

The heart and arrow viewer (side note  the viewer and its diamonds were originally sold as heart and arrow *notice no pluraziation) – Heart and Arrow was the originally trademark term and then in the West – we adopted a pluralized form – Hearts and Arrows – I go back and for between the two.

The viewer was originally made to hide imperfections in diamond made by Appollon 8 a failed fork (for a hacker term) of Eight Star Japan. The diamond cutters at Eight Star Japan used a technique of cupping their hand around the diamond to show trainee, American Polishers, the star effect. This technique was then adopted by the Apollon 8 polishers and when the company failed – Kinsaku Yamashita purchased the remaining assets of Appollon 8 and the failed Eight Star like diamonds and created the Hearts and Arrow viewer after the hand cupping technique. It is a very good tool! However, Hearts and Arrow stones come in varying degrees of performance and when buying one – you should use another performance tool to verify the performance analysis. If you visit wikipedia you will see that history – which I wrote around 10 years ago – All the way up to Gary Wrights – – some time later HOF and Brian added their dates into the time line.



Hearts and Arrows Comparison with Firescope

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