Diamond Answer Man Episode 6 – Hire the Right People!

by J. Christopher Guritz

Hire the Right People!

If you have ever worked with a person or had the pleasure of doing business with a team that was single minded in purpose and why – then you’ll understand the  priority jewelers should have to staff their stores with people who are special.  Or as I like to call them “ROCK STARS” or as Seth Godin calls them “Linchpins”.

Even though the first half of this podcast focuses in on jewelry store owners driving their own business by hiring and staffing right, it is still geared toward everyone. It will help you even if you are searching to buy a diamond today! Hopefully you’ll pick up some insight in finding the right store and person to work with.

There is only one point I want the jewelry store owners to focus on before they get started, that is to know the “why” they are in this business.  I suggest you pick up the book “Start with Why” By Simon Sinek. Then follow up with reading the book “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. These books will help get you a push in the right direction and also help you to identify those very much needed Linchpins in your world.  I am very grateful if you click either of these links – Amazon does give you an extremely good price on them.

So pick up these two and then get moving on staffing your store with people who have your why. Then follow these tips…

  1. Look Inside – but be open and enthusiastic about looking outside the industry
    1. Hire Personality!
      1. What I mean by that is, hire someone who is interesting
      2. Someone with a story
    2. Hire Enthusiasm!
      1. Someone who shows lively interest in what they are learning and
      2. Another way to describe this is – is someone who is eager and exhibits
        a high degree of pursuit for a win/win situation with the client
        – closing the sale on a positive for both you(jeweler) and you the(client).
    3. Hire Integrity!
      1. High Moral Character
      2. High Degree of Ethics – Professionally and Personally
        1. An understanding of rightness and wrongness in all aspects
  2. Train Knowledge
    1. Home Study
    2. One Week Studies
      1. Trade Shows
      2. Special Events in Cities Near You
    3. Encourage the reading of trade magazines
      1. Books
      2. Videos
    4. Study at one of the schools
    5. Foster interactions between stores and memberships and guilds.
  3. Lead By Example
    1. Show them!
    2. Have them Show You!
    3. Coach
    4. Follow Up
    5. Counsel
    6. Reward!

Though, I do think you can go out and find people right in your area – possibly in another business -simply by talking, interacting and shopping with them. Leave it to me, I have great experience doing casting calls for employment searches. Contact me with any questions.

Get Your Ring Checked!

At least twice per year!

I received a question about an engagement ring – from a listener by the name of Jeanette. Jeanette thought her center diamond was loose. Upon further communication we found that her diamond was indeed loose and the fact that in space of one year she has never taken the ring in for inspection and based upon what she described to me.. the prongs were either worn down through wear or the original setter completed the job poorly. I encouraged her to take her ring in and have it examined – she took it to another jeweler who confirmed that the setting technique was fine – she had completely worn down the prongs and her ring required 6 new tips – the tips are the top part of the prong which holds your diamond in place – these can be built up if they are not worn to far. If they are worn down to far or the setting technique was improper the entire head should be replaced.

So here are my “tips”

    1. Shop with a reputable jeweler
    2. If possible the jeweler does all the work in house
    3. If they don’t do the work in house, the Jeweler or trade shop they work with should have at least one titled or diploma’d bench person.
      1. For Example:
      3. or GIA Graduate Jeweler Diploma
      4. or education from one of the other schools
        1. Such as Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
          1. As Jewelry Technician
        2. Other schools
    4. Have your Ring Check at a minimum Every Six Months
      1. Under a Microscope
      2. Cleaned
      3. Checked Again
    5. Insured
      1. Jewelers Mutual
      2. Chubb
      3. State Farm
      4. Issues with type of insurance
        1. Like Kind Replacment
        2. Full value cash out
        3. Replacement value cash out
          1. Your Jewelers
          2. Their replacement source
        4. Talk to your agent and ask questions

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