Diamond Answer Man Episode 15 – What is “Memo”

by J. Christopher Guritz

Current news

Diamond Prices Soft throughout September

RAPAPORT… PRESS RELEASE, October 3, 2012, New York: Certified polished diamond prices ‎continued to soften in September as buyers remain cautious ahead of the fourth-quarter ‎holiday season. The Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair reflected mediocre Far East ‎demand as buyers concentrated on inexpensive lower-quality diamonds. ‎

The Archduke Joseph diamond is going to auction on November 13th and is hoping to fetch 15 million. It was sold by Christies about 20 years about for 6.5 million. or roughly 10.3 million in current dollars. A diamond from a Famous mine called Golconda – which the Koh-i-noor and other were found. Diamonds from this mine are said to the most fantastically transparent – for unknown reason. Dealers sometimes called them Super “D” D already being the most transparent of the colorless rarity class.

Debeers is restructuring the DTC and Diamdel under its Brand De Beers.

“However, for years we have thought of the consumer as the end of the diamond pipeline – with an industry driving their demand without fully allowing their demand to drive us. In fact, for De Beers, the reality of a far more competitive landscape is that the consumer must stand at the beginning of our pipeline, shaping our business and enabling us to anticipate the cyclical needs of our sight-holders so we can continue to adapt as necessary.” VARDA SHINE

What memo means.

How its beneficial

better availabilities

Tighter resale margins to be competitive

How its negative

Memo Vs Buy

30 60 90 vs Immediate or 10 day.

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